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Deus Caritas est

Saturday, July 02, 2005
This is a short posting as I need to prepare for bed and before that I need to spend some time with Our Lord in prayer.
While I was on vacation I was blessed enough to share with some people and listen to them also. I remember while driving back to my folks home one night thinking 'our sins placed Him on the Cross but His Love kept Him there and that is where I need to be for others too'. This afternoon while sorting through my mail I opened a letter from my sisters in Carmel. They have this way of knowing just when I need to hear something that I need at the moment. I had told them of deciding on my profession name which ends with of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy of God. So much of the letter dealt with the Sacred Heart of Our Lord. I then thought of the words from 1st John chapter 4 and I kept going back to the words from the end of verse 8 "Deus Caritas est"! My heart melted as I thought of His Love made manifest even within my soul. I thought of the last posting about our beloved John Paul II being proposed as a martyr- because of the sufferings and death he endured for love. I am not a good and happy suffering person and I need to change that- actually only His Grace can do that but I can help. Days like today when things have not been best and it has been difficult to pray even I need to meditate even more on the God of Love and Mercy and then just pick up my little cross and follow Him and quite complaining. I don't need all the answers or all the consolations I just need to love Him for He is Love.
Got to get going........
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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