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"Just one more soul"

Friday, July 01, 2005

Have Mercy on us and on the whole world! Posted by Picasa

"Just one more soul"

Just one more soul is all I ask of You today Dear Lord,
To Love You,
To Serve You,
To Rejoice with You,
This day,
This Hour,
For You,
For all eternity.

Just one more soul that receives Grace and Mercy,
Not condemnation,
Rather than darkness,
Rather than despair,
Rather than hate,
Rather than death,
Christ Jesus forever,
Rather than the evil one of the passing day!

Just one more soul is all I beg of You today Merciful God,
Who finds consolation,
True Peace,
True Food,
True Drink,
True Life,
True Health,
True Love,
With You my God
In You my Redeemer
Through You my Master and Friend.

Just one more soul who begins a song anew,
Of Praise,
Of Love,
Of Mercy,
Of Hope,
That comes from only You.

Unite my joys,
Unite my sufferings,
Unite my consolations,
Unite my pain,
Unite my words,
Unite my actions,
Unite my prayers,
Unite my crosses,
Through Your Holy Cross,
Through Your Sacred Wounds,
Through Your Body,
Through Your Blood,
Through Your Soul,
Through Your Divinity,
Through Your Grace,
Through Your Mercy,
Through Your Love,
Through the Loving Flames of Your Divine Furnace of Charity,
In union with all the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass everywhere,
In union with all the prayers of the Saints and Angels in heaven,
In union with the prayers of Immaculate Heart of Mary Your Mother,
The gift of Life Eternally with You, my Loving God, to just one more soul
this day.

Grant Dear Lord to one more soul today
That otherwise would have been lost in darkness,
The Glorious Light of Your Day.

Just one more soul Dear Lord I pray
To be given to them
The Light and Life You gave to me today.

Just one more soul is all I dare ask of You today,
For the soul that is furthest away from You,
Grant them Your Mercy, Grace and Love
And save their soul today.

Do with me as You see fit in Your Mercy and Love,
For I am your servant,
Your son,
Your victim of Your Love,
To live with You,
To live for You,
To give my life for You,
I only ask for one more soul today.

You, Divine Wisdom, knows who needs this offering of love the most,
I need not know who,
My only consolation is that knowing that they, like I,
Remain in You.
Until my last breath on this earth may I offer my all to You
So that everyday at every moment I can bring one more precious soul
To You, my sweet and wonderful Lord Jesus whom I Love and Adore.

For the sake of Your Sorrowful Passion
Have mercy on us all
And just one more precious soul today,
So that we all may come to Love and Adore You-
In Heaven forevermore.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Edward Elijah Mary of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy of God, OCDS
July 2nd in the Year of Great Grace and Mercy 2005

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