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There is always Hope!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I love You! Jesus I trust in You! Lead us all deeper into Your Love! Posted by Picasa
We made it home safe and sound -thanks be to God! I wanted to attend the all night prayer vigil for the First Friday/ First Saturday but I am just exhausted!
I prayed the Rosary on the way back and just when we made it to Minnesota I started the Glorious Mysteries (4 states- four sets of mysteries). When I finished I said a quick prayer to John Paul the Great and asked for his intercessions for various things. I asked him for a little bit of a confirmation of my prayers and about 2 minutes later I looked over and there was a sign for the next city on the highway- Hope, MN. We went another mile and there it was again and then we crossed over the bridge by the town- my daughter woke up and asked where we were and I said really without thinking "we just Crossed the Threshold of Hope" and smiled and told her about my prayer and John Paul's book by that name. I guess I got the confirmation I had asked for from the soon to be Saint John Paul the Great. We prayed the various hours of the Divine Office together on the trip down and back up- she did the reading while I drove- it was a neat experiance!
I just returned from the Adoration Chapel at my parish and know I plan to call it a early night. I will get back to more regular blogging tomorrow. I am thinking about using the Word Press programs and revising the look of this blog and fix some problem areas to hopefully bring more honor to Our Lord. Please remember His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and his intentions in your prayers and the entire Church and world.
Yes there is always Hope- lasting eternal Hope in Christ Our Lord!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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