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Monday, September 05, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!!
Day two without regular internet and since I use VoIP without a phone. Tomorrow they're fixing it all which was all knocked out from Sunday morning's storm. This wi-fi mobile blogging is kind of fun though since I am currently writing this in a park. I had Adoration last night (this am) and then today went back for the Great Hour of Mercy for a couple special intentions and people. I ask that you keep the special intentions which I hold in my heart in your prayers. They are quite important and can only be taken care of by Our Lord's and Our Lady's assistance. I guess when you think honestly of all things in our life only real success or lasting help can come from complete and total abandonment to Divine Providence.
I wish I could place a few links as I usually do to redirect your browsers to good Catholic sites but with the wi-fi handheld I can not right now. I would suggest if you need or desire some extra reading to go to http://www.ewtn.com or http://www.savior.org or look through the links I set up in the 1st and 2nd row.
Through God's Grace and a good i.t. support I will be back to standard blogging Tuesday. I will post though a couple times tonight and tomorrow before work.
Please, again, remember the special intentions I have in your prayers.
Time for Vigils so that is all for right now.
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