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Come Forward!?

Friday, September 23, 2005
I think we are seeing unfolding before our eyes a time of great changes due to our disobedience. I have watched after the disaster of Katrina occasionally television and with a few exceptions for the most part the debauchery continues. I see Hollywood entertainment shows spend more time on the clothing of the 'stars' than on the suffering people. It is almost like it is a inconvenience or just another opportunity for self gain and puffing up egos than a time to help others and reexamine our own lives. I wonder what will it take to bring people to the reality of what is going on and to finally fall on our knees and pray to God. I think, God does not want to see His children suffer but we as a society and as a world continue to say to God "we don't need you- we don't need your protection- we can do it alone- after all we choose what is true and not You". I see it in the shows, I see it in the attitudes of people and I wonder if God says "I love you and I want to help you but if you choose not to ask for help and Mercy then I will allow you to see what it is like without Me".
I can not be for sure but I would venture to say that if every soul raised up their voices in humble prayer that certain events could be lessened and even avoided all together. I think, it took some very painful lessons to finally make me realize just how much I needed God's Mercy and assistance in my life. I pray I will never forget how absolutely dependent I am upon Our Lord. I tell my friends and I think it is true but I don't think I could even tie my shoe laces in the morning with out Divine Grace. I can only hope and pray that at some point very soon society and the world will understand just how much we need
the Father's Love and Mercy. I hope and pray that we all wake up from this dark sleep soon before it is too late.
One by one things will happen faster and faster until finally people understand. Until then people will complain about inconvenience more because they would rather return to selfish interests and sinful ways. I think that until each of us are effected and turn to God and realize what we have done to ourselves and beg God for Mercy events such as we are seeing unfolding will hasten.
I hope and pray with all my heart that very few (if any) are harmed with the new storm and the upcoming events. I know that God who loves us all so much will protect us and bring such immeasurable joy to our hearts if we ask Him to and turn our souls to Him rather than to eyes to the evil one. God's infinite Mercy is waiting to be poured out upon the world but we have to turn to Him and acknowledge our sins and repent. Otherwise we are saying to disaster and evil 'come forward'. I have to turn constantly to Christ and be in a constant state of conversion and so does each of us. Let us not say 'come forward' to evil but rather "come Lord Jesus and transform my life and the whole world. God is Loving and Merciful and will hear our prayers if we just begin anew today.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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