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End Times or just dark times??? Trust in Jesus!

Monday, September 12, 2005

"Have Mercy on us and on the whole world..."
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Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

This hopefully will be a relatively short posting but the question was raised to me concerning this blog that "it seems as if your blog is becoming more of a 'end times' blog lately". My answer is that while I hope this is not a 'end times' blog it just seems like there are quite a few sign posts in place. I really hope I am wrong for I would really like to fufill my vocations in life. I apologize though to the reader(s) who might feel a bit perplexed. I kind of feel that way myself but while I hope and pray that this blog brings praise and glory to Our Lord and by showing another soul with the ups and downs of life still striving towards the summit of Carmel- there are things going on that are different these days. I have noticed that several more honorable blogs are also picking up on the signs also and so I don't think I am the only one with more questions than answers. I think though with all the variables that the best resource to refer you to in print is Desmond Birch's book which is one of the most comprehensive studies of the subject done by a Catholic out there. Another good source is the websites Tribulation Times and also Spirit Daily. Both websites are faithful to Christ's Church.
I think the big thing that we as God's children must do is to make sure that we are living every minute for Christ and being faithful to the Church. That means regular Mass attendance, frequent use of the Sacrament of Mercy (Reconciliation/ Confession) and being men, women and children of prayer and living in a state of Grace. While we must be aware of certain things and constantly be vigilant about the state of our souls and always bear witness to the Truth and Mercy of God we also need to be aware that the evil one wants us to become anxious and loose hope. I think that discernment is key, at least with my own self, in guarding against what is a real warning from God and what is fodder for the evil one. That is where prayer, spiritual reading, the Sacraments, a good spiritual director and even friends who are faithful to Christ's Church come in. I have tried to only give references or links to sites or books that I know are faithful to Christ and His Church. There are actual visionaries and locutionists that are really (I feel as do many others much more knowledgeable than I) getting the real thing from Christ and or Our Blessed Mother and on the other side there are people that are being led astray by false messages which are either products of a mind gone off the deep end or even from the evil one.
I can only pray that what I think might be going on right now- in relation to this posting is wrong but too many people from Popes to Laity have also seen the sign posts. The best thing we can do is to pray and receive the sacraments frequently so that regardless of what Divine Providence holds for tomorrow we are resting within the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God loves us and His Mercy knows no bounds to the souls that simply says Jesus I Trust in You.
May we all remain always in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and proclaim the Divine Mercy from the rooftops of the world. Only God knows the appointed hour and if this is a Major Chastisement, the End of Days or just some very dark days. If we place our prayers and trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ though then regardless we will enjoy eternal joy and can face anything that comes. "For the heart that rests in Thee, oh Lord, all is well."
Our Lord is kind and Merciful!! Thanks be to God!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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