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Football theology 101

Monday, September 05, 2005
Although I am more of a USC and OU and U of Mn football fan I am enjoying the Florida State v. Miami game on ABC tonight. With these two teams I really don't have a preferance. I do hope that the BCS gets there act together a bit more than previous years. I wish that college football had a play off like college basketball with rotating final games at one of the big bowls. It seems it would be better than the current system.
I wish I had the cash to be able to attend Gopher and other teams here in MN more often. I miss going to games in Norman and even here in MN.
Can't stay up much longer with morning Mass http://www.masstimes.org and work in the am.
Well, got to get back to the game. Miami just made a 3rd down conversion. I think my life and so many others when it comes to faith is a 3rd down and long conversion situation. Thanks be to God for the last minute conversion through the Hail Mary's!! We all have hope through faith in Christ and His Mercy.

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