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Geomagnetic storms.....

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Today, September 11th 2005, the NOAA released another in a series of Advisory Bulletins for geomagnetic storms. The relevant links are contained in the text of this posting. So, from what I understand from the NOAA site this means radio blackouts could occur as a result. It needs to be pointed out so as not to scare anyone that these occur often and not always does it effect communications. It also needs to be clearly pointed out that accurate information must be obtained regarding this on the NOAA site and not from me.
With the article which Spirit Daily linked to earlier this week this seems to me to be relevant to the times we live in and due to a polar shift on both the Sun and the Earth which is reportedly currently taking place. My own musings are what would be the likelihood that that both on the Sun and on the Earth poles are shifting (reversing) while there is unrelated increased terrorism and basically evil activity throughout the world. Related or unrelated you can decide and piece together the events in light of authentic messages from Our Lady and Our Lord over the past few decades warning us all that these things would happen if we did not change our ways soon. My own personal non scientific opinion is they are defiantly related and should serve as a serious warning for us all (myself included) to reform our lives and turn to God.
I know though that just as Our Lord and Our Lady of Mount Carmel protected me yesterday in the car crash that could have easily gone so bad that if we all place our trust and our lives in God's Mercy and reform that God will protect us all. Otherwise, we are kind of like the guy I saw riding his motorcycle through a work zone without a helmet at a high speed.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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