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The God of Second Chances!

Saturday, September 24, 2005
I remember looking at the cardiac monitor through the mist of pain and quite a few drugs and seeing my heart beat very slow- too slow. I remember seeing the nurse sitting next to me trying to look professional but seeing the worried look in her eyes. I went in and out for hours but at some point I remember someone holding my hand and in a small voice say "Eternal Father I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son Our Lord Jesus Christ". I have no idea if I prayed with her or not since I was pretty far out of it. I remember the words though they haunted my mind. I slowly started to get better and at some point another nurse who knew I was a Catholic took me to the chapel for Sunday Mass. That Mass led to another and another and soon I was out of the hospital and starting to recover at home and attending on my own. Those words haunted me though. As one thing led to another one day I flipped through the channels and ran across a fiesty Nun on television who made me laugh. She spoke from the heart with Truth and Love. I watched again and again and then one day while watching I heard those words again this time they were sung. My heart melted and tears came to my eyes when I knew that it was the Divine Mercy that had saved me.
I look at all the mistakes I have made before my conversion and even afterwards and I get a bit frustrated. I think the evil one loves to show us our mistakes and failings and say 'see you can not be a child of God you might as well give up'. But Our God is the God of second and third and ten thousand chances to the soul that trusts in Him and asks for His Mercy. Obviously we don't run out and do bad things and presume that we can just call on Him and not repent. There will be times though because we all are human that despite our best effort we may fall and when we do we have to run to Our Lord and beg for Mercy and then pick up our crosses and carry on. I would imagine that each person reading this at some point has had times, big or small, that the are not to proud of. I would imagine that there are people in your life- there are in mine- that are in need of your mercy and especially God's.
I heard a priest speak once asking what was the difference between Saint Peter and Judas. They both betrayed Our Lord. The difference is that St. Peter did not loose hope and fall into despair. St. Peter goes on to receive absolution from Our Lord and becomes the first Pope and gives his life for Christ and the new Church. Judas allowed the evil one to lead him into despair and takes his own life. St. Peter found out what I had to find out that God is Merciful and is the God of second chances to the soul that trusts in Him.
So, for myself looking at the Gospel reading for this Sunday's Mass I am reminded yet again of God's Mercy and love for each of us and for me. The Divine Mercy is not just a little devotion that I decided to read about and take up. The Divine Mercy is woven into the very fabric of my soul because Jesus Christ was merciful to me.
Thank You Lord Jesus! I love You and I Trust in You my Lord!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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