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Holy Archangels of God pray for us and defend us in battle!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

With the Feast of the Archangels coming up I thought I would pass on a few links with some solid information about the angels of God. I get kind of tired of the weak little angels that the world likes to portray. The Holy Angels of God are not a bunch of diaper wearing beings with wings and their not floating around playing harps and eating the latest snack food. They are certainly not a bunch of women in underwear like some of the ads like to portray. Those images do the holy angels of God a great disservice and do God a great disservice. Would God who created the universe have angels doing battle for Him and for us that were like those false images. Answer No. I could go on and on but I will instead just pass on some links and let you do the reading from people much more knowledgeable than I. I especially recommend the article about the fact and fiction of angels linked below.
You Holy Angels of God pray for us, defend us in battle and lead us to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

Link to "Do we still belive in angels?"

Link to "Angels are a truth of faith"
Link to "Angels"
Link to "St. Michael the Archangel"
Link to "Angels and their names"
Link to "A celestial hierarchy"
Link to "Angels: Fact and Fiction"
Link to the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel
Link to the Litany of the Holy Angels
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