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Friday, September 16, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Maybe I say what I am about to because I have had to pass through the crucible of suffering and of conversion (which though joyful bears a certain cross of it's own). Possibly because I have had to tackle some pretty big theological question during my conversion and continual conversion I appreciate the glory of the Catholic Church and how much I love Her. Maybe because I was living of the empty pomps of the world I know what life with Christ is and what life with out Our Lord is not. I don't understand though, and maybe honestly this is not charititable on my part, why anyone who has tasted the sweetness of life with Christ and His Bride would get caught up in the spiritual counterfeits of the new age or ecco-spirituality which in the end is lifeless and empty. There is no Easter without Good Friday. There is no resurrection and with out that no real social reform without the Passion. Love with out sacrifice is not really love. Love must be grounded in Truth so that it can really be substantial.
The whims and winds of the politically correct crowd lead to one place ultimately and I don't want to see anyone even those I do not like very much to go there. If I wanted a new age false spirituality with hand holding love I would have cut off my hair joined a cult and danced in airports. No!! I became a member of the Church that Our Lord Jesus Christ started. The new age stuff is for the birds!!!
I can contemplate the reality of God's Mercy, Love and Truth before the very Throne of God in the Holy Eucharist why on earth would I want to give that up for a spiritual counterfeit which leads to the destruction of the soul.
To be merciful and loving is not only to just want the happiness of a person now to make them feel good but for their long term and eternal happiness too. We have to proclaim the reality of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mercy and Truth not water things down to suit the age. It is not always easy entering the narrow gate but it is a lot more rewarding than the alternative highway which leads to places we do not want to go.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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