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I Weep Today for this I know

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"I weep,
I weep,
I weep today for this I know,
more children will perish
For the Choice unknown.

I weep today for this I know,
Evil will claim it's victim,
Because of freedoms mistold.
I weep today for this I know,
misguided correctness will cast souls-
into darkness and yet still,
The bell tolls.

I weep today for this I know,
Debauchery has replaced faith
and Sodom's fateful day is set
as evil will become manifest
as the earth begins to groan.

Wake up oh sleeper!
For the day of visitation is here!
Let your cry be for Mercy
and let your song be near.

Wake up dear sleeper!
Do not you see?
The intoxication of youth is over,
and now the hangover payment of your indiscretion
is now here.

I weep today for this I know,
Many souls will have to become friends
With the flames and torments they kindled and fanned
By their choices and correctness which they started long ago.

I weep today for this I know,
Evil spreads his seed through our 'entertainment',
To our souls unbeknown.

How long oh Lord
Must Your Children slip away?
How long will the evil one have his hideous way?
How many more will perish due to freedom run astray?

For this land I love, these people I cherish,
have become drunk on iniquity and lead many other souls to perish.
And I can only sit and weep and weep
As I see them fall down with even greater speed.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Oh Children do you not see,
What great evil you drink the tab you will soon have to pay?
Rachael's crys will soon be answered in kind and full measure.

I weep today for this I know,
Your Mercy offered today
will preceed the great payment of woe. "
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