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An Invitation to a Catholic Attorney

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
In light of some of the discussion today concerning Stare Decisis and Super Stare Decisis and considering the fact that most men and women do not know the law (myself included) concerning this and how it may apply to Roe V. Wade. I am extending a invitation to a faithful Catholic attorney who is solid in both the law of God and the law of the nation and most importantly strongly pro life to write as a occasional guest blogger on this blog. The attorney would have to be strongly faithful to the teachings of the Church and would have to be able to bring strong arguments with references to the appropriate teachings and relevant laws and principles. The guest blogger would have to show good valid arguments using the criteria outlined and provide at least the links to the available references so that others can look things up. I can take care of placing the links in the proper places that are shown to me. I will give full credit to the guest blogger for those postings. I do ask though that no solicitation or promotion of services or items be made. I also ask that the attorney chosen be able if comments occur to answer those comments within a week or so of the posting(s). I will still blog as normal and retain ownership of this blog but the guest blogger would be able to write as much or as little as needed to properly address the subject and hopefully through the use of this format make a stronger case for the innocent victims of abortion- the children. I retain the right however to have all guest postings reviewed by those who are more theologically astute than I in the official teachings of the Catholic Church and to ask that the guest blogger revise a passage prior to posting. I also retain the right to stop the discussion or the guest blogger postings as I see fit if they are inappropriately used or lead to confusion or hate related topics. The guest blogger/ attorney could use what ever articles and postings they make for publication in law reviews or to form a basis for a future case and could keep people updated as to the progress of future cases as needed on this forum, if all updates meet the above criteria.
So the invitation is out there and I hope that someone will either take me up on this offer so as to better promote a culture of life or if you know of a faithful Catholic attorney who would be willing to help out as a guest blogger then please forward this posting to them. Please contact me if interested via my email which is found on this blog.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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