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Friday, September 02, 2005

Jesus I Trust in You... have Mercy on us and on the whole world!! Posted by Picasa
I felt that I had to respond as best I could in charity to Fr. Joseph O'Leary's attack of the Catholic bloggers he terms as "Neo Caths" without attacking him as a priest. One of the holiest priest's I have ever had the great opportunity of corresponding with (about 10 letter total) was our previous Holy Father John Paul the Great to whom I owe so much (as we all do) but especially my faith in Christ. His Holiness prayed for me personally and granted his apostolic blessing to me many times over the years while he was on this earth and it upset me greatly to see his legacy of faith and hope attacked especially by a priest. I earnestly hope and pray that Fr. O' Leary takes me up on the offer I extended to him. This letter was posted on his comment section of his blog.
I need to point out that there are other priests one whom I know personally that are very devout and share his last name and so not to confuse anyone to whom I am referring I placed a link (I kind of hate to do it though) to his blog which is so wrong on so many areas.
I ask all those who read this blog of mine to pray for this particular priest and for all priests that they may boldly proclaim Jesus Christ to a hurting and suffering world so that we all may find Christ's Love, Truth and Mercy.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

Dearest Fr. O'Leary,
Praised be Jesus Christ!!
I must begin my comment with a brief confession that when I first read your blog I became angry and also very sad at and for you. I sincerly appologize for not being more charitable towards a priest of Christ. I humbly ask that you pray for me that I may become more of a effective witness for God's Mercy and Love even in the face of dissent and that I better live out my life as a Catholic Christian.
My dearest Reverend Father I humbly beg you by the Mercy and Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ to reexamine your use of your blog and your writings for the greater Glory of God and not for creating dissent and misunderstanding within the Mystical Body of Christ and within the world at large. Father one of the greatest weapons the evil one can use is to create misunderstanding and dissent within and outside of the Bride of Christ. In these times which Divine Providence has placed us in we as Christians and especially as Catholic Christians need to proclaim Jesus Christ, His Love, Mercy and Truth to a hurting world and not give the evil one more weapons to use against the Bride of Christ.
Father I am honestly very impressed by the wonderful mind which Our Lord has given you. You have a wonderful intellegence which is a gift from God. Father, great intellegence though can still not win souls for Christ and can also be mislead and can mislead others. If we are not bringing precious souls before the Throne of Mercy and Grace then we are banging cymbals in this life. I as a lay Catholic Christian have a responsibility to the King of Kings to win souls as best I can within my current state in life for God's Mercy. Should I be given a vocation for service within Christ's Church at some future date must be some thing that I leave to Divine Providence and in obediance to the Succesor of the Apostles in my diocese. You, however Father have a vocation today as Christ's Priest and your words unfortunatly right now carry weight and have the potential to lead others astray and to fall into grave sin and even become lost forever to the evil one. Father, you have a responsibility to not lead souls from Christ Jesus and the Church but rather to Him. As wonderful your mind and obvious education I highly suggest and beg you to reenter school again- this school though requires no books or tution. The school of Our Eucharistic Lord Jesus is where you (where we all must attend). I beg you with all love to enroll today and spend many Holy Hours before the Throne of Mercy and Grace and talk and listen to Our Lord in earnest. I beg you to look at Our Lord Jesus whom you serve as His priest and explain to Him why in your articles on the "Neo-Caths" (as you like to make light of and even attack) you never once mention the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. Please explain to Our Soveriegn Master and Redeemer who shed His Precious Blood for you and us all why you devote so much of your blog and your intellegence which He has given you to Buddha and spiritual counterfits rather than to Him. Please ask Our Lord to further enlighten your mind and especially your soul so that you can lead souls to Him and not away from Him and His Truth and Mercy. Gaze upon the Crucified and Risen Christ and allow Him to transform your mind and soul so that you can become a better priest and a holy man of God- please.
Father you have the potential to be a great and holy Saint of God and lead so many souls to Christ. You can have a great impact for good within the Kingdom of God but you must (as I must, as we all must) learn from the school of the Eucharistic Lord Jesus and allow Him in compleate abandonment to our own selfish interests and vain glory to be transformed through God's inexhaustable Mercy and Grace.
I know that somewhere in the past you must have heard the Voice of God calling you to offer your fiat of love and sacrifice in service to Christ Jesus and His Bride. Your fiat was confirmed by a successor to the apostles and the Bride of Christ Herself. The Grace which was imparted to you in Holy Orders bears a distictive permement mark on your soul for you will be forever a priest of Christ. I beg you therefore to turn to the same Jesus Christ who called you years ago in humility and love and spend many hours of one to one study with the Master and enkindle the fire which His Holy Spirit placed within you then. I will make a promise before God and all who see this that if you contact me via email and let me know how many hours per week that you will offer before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament in earnest one on one prayer (not reading but prayer) I will gladly match every single Holy Hour you make for a outpouring of Grace and Mercy and Truth within your soul and mind. I already try most everyday to offer at least one Holy Hour before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I will happily double that if you will join me within the Sacred Heart and I will offer the difference for you and those in your life. Christ Jesus who is the Great and Eternal High Priest and the Great Teacher will bless you greatly for each hour you give Him- I know that for He has done so with me His most unworthy servant and the greatest sinner.
Father I must reiterate that you have been given a wonderful gift in your mind and most of all in your ordination as a priest of Christ. You have such a great potential to really make a huge difference for Our Lord and His Bride and win so many souls for God. Your have the potential to really be a great Saint of God in our times. You also, as I do, have the potential to fall from God's Grace and lead others astray and recieve our just reward which is not sainthood but rather eternal fire.
I promise you my earnest prayers and I beg Our Merciful God to bless you with the Light and Truth and Mercy that only He can impart (not Buddha or any other spiritual conterfit). Father please don't be caught up in the world and the spiritual conterfits that it offers but allow Our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament to renew you and transform you so you can help others to be transformed through God's Mercy and Grace.
The school of the Eucharist is difficult I assure you for you must caste off your self and allow Christ to speak. Sometimes what He says in Love and Truth is a difficult pill to take for it requires obediance and compleate abandonment of self for Him. I assure you though if you allow Christ Jesus to work fully within you - you will lead souls to Him and find all the consolation you can not find in the spiritual conterfits of the world.
I have asked my sisters in Carmel to pray for you personally and they have assured me of their earnest prayers and sacrifices for your soul and priestly vocation. I assure you of my support and my prayers as you reenter to school of Jesus Christ and that you will become the saint that God so earnestly desires you to be. Please let me know if you decide to take me up on my offer.
I will hold off on contacting my bishop and asking him to contact your bishop for the time being as you reevaluate yourself and hopefully begin the reeducation of your soul with the Master -Our Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank you and I thank Our Lord for you reading my rather long note. I offer to Our Crucifed and Risen Lord Jesus my humble petions for you and those in your life. May Christ reign in your heart and may Our Lady Queen of all Clergy keep you always beneath her loving protective mantle of grace.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
Ed Working, ocds
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