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Mobile blogging for Mary's upcoming birthday!!

Monday, September 05, 2005
I just re-read my last posting and it appears that the links might have come through inspite of myself. It could have just come through my email that way.
I did discover a few typos which I went back and corrected. It is much more difficult to proclaim Christ's Mercy with a mobile blogging format without a keyboard. I am learning though...slowly.
Thursday is the birthday of Mary the Mother of God and I thought as a gift to her and to her Divine Son Jesus Christ that we could all make an extra Holy Hour. Even a extra Rosary for the sake of conversion and reparation of all humankind would be a great birthday gift to the Mother of Mercy.
I would further suggest that each of you go back to the list I suggested a few weeks back of the people who have hurt you or those you love the most and offer your prayers especially for them. Our birthday gift to the Mother of God could be souls that she can present before her Divine Son Our Lord Jesus. I think that would be a gift she would love so much!
Thursday I begin the first session in a year long Bible study course on St. Matthew's Gospel and I am so thrilled I get to participate this year. I think Carmel begins this month also.
The tenor of the Divine Office was so appropriate for me personally today. I think you can view today's Office online at the Universalis website at http://www.universalis.com .
Please continue to remember me and some important special intentions in your prayers.
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