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Sunday, September 04, 2005
The telephone and internet went out in the wee hours of this morning due to a big storm here in the Cities. So, the last post which I actually wrote last night before bed and saved as a draft to publish this am prior to leaving for Mass was published this eve via wi-fi and my ipaq. This post is being wriiten live on my patio mobilly. I am not sure if this would be wi-fi mobile blogging or podcasting. The terms are all rather new to me. I just tooka chance that I could use the wi-fi. I had heard we were going to get this in my city but did not know it had really occured yet. Cool!
I am not to versitale at this yet so the font and appearane may be off a bit. I don't yet know how to place links via moble so we will have to see for now what happens next.
I do ask for your special prayers for a very impotant intention of mine- not related to any of the above.
May Our Lady of Good Success pray for us all and lead us all to Our Lord Jesus Christ. You can read about Mary under that title by going to the link I placed in the center row.
I will blog later (standard or mobile) later tonight. Then in the early am I have Adoration of Our Lord.
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