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Moving from Excuses to Self Accusation in Divine Mercy

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I think I would like to write a book about
confession. Not just the normal what to do and why type thing but to explore some ideas I have had about this great Sacrament of Mercy. I think I would like to call it "I Accuse Myself: Moving from Excuses to an Adult Relationship with the Father of Mercy."
I think that when we face God someday there will be quite a few folks that even then will be saying so and so made me do it ect. The reality is that we make our own choices good or bad and we have to admit it when we stumble. A adult relationship with God is admitting our faults to Him through the confessor acting "in persona Christi". Dealing with the consequences and growing in Faith Hope and Love through God's Grace. Yes, we are called by Our Lord Jesus Christ to become as little children. We also have to face our faults and sins as adults and beg for Mercy. The adult faces the brokenness and hands it to a Loving and Merciful God and accuses their self today and asks for God's Mercy. The person who does not face the reality of a serious self examination and the need for confession to obtain Mercy and forgiveness is not going to like it when it is God who does the painfully Truthful accusations. We have to honestly say a "Mea Culpa" individually to obtain God's Mercy.
I try as best I can to go once a week. It is not because of serious sins but because of the inexhaustible Mercy and Grace that flows from the Sacrament. Sin destroys the soul -mortal sin does. Venial sins and faults also have a way of slowing down the progress of the soul towards God. I think that when you think about it none of us can move forward while on a walk or a mountain climb if we still have one foot planted in the same place. Try moving around the place your in but do not move one of your feet only the other one. Kind of hard to do. Frequent confession and frequent reception of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist 'frees up the other foot' (so to speak) and in the case of mortal and grave sin it liberates the soul from a certain eternal death.
As Mother Angelica would say "We are all called to be great Saints"! So, that goes from the Pope to the person at the local market to even that one person you really do not like at all. We all are called to do extraordinary and wonderful things through God's Grace and Mercy and for God whether we are lay, religious or ordained. Whether we are farmers, clerical workers, policemen, military, mothers, fathers or kids we can through God's Mercy and Grace be one of those great saints. To do so we have to be mature and do some self examination and some self accusation. You obviously don't accuse yourself of doing something you did not do but you have to act righteous to become righteous. Righteous people admit to God their failings and grow towards Him. It is the unrighteous that make excuses before God.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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