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My car wreck today!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005
Sooner or later it happens...you get into an auto accident. Some folks get into many- I have been blessed that in two plus decades of driving I have not had one accident. That is until today.
I had just left confession and went to get a haircut prior to Mass and while driving I was hit broadside by another car. Clearly the other person's fault since they ran a red light. Thanks be to God that no one was hurt. My car is another story- looks like it will take a bit to repair. I am so grateful for insurance- or we will see how grateful I am as the dealers bill comes in. I just got this car a few months ago and I was so excited as it is the first new car I have had in 15 plus years. Hopefully the dealer can fix all the stuff and with the rental I should be back zipping around soon. I really liked my car and was so proud of it. Maybe this was a lesson in placing my priorities on God always.
Two things I think of one is the Gospel reading for Sunday's Mass from Matthew in which Our Lord commands us to forgive others. I know that being upset at the other person would not please Our Lord whom I serve and it would not be what He would want me to do. Instead I will let the insurance companies handle the matter with my mechanic. What I also need to recognize is that this is a great opportunity for God's Mercy and Grace to flow into people I would not otherwise have ever met through my actions and my prayers for them. The other thing that is so very evident to me is just how much Our Lord and Our Lady watch out for me and protect me despite things that could have easily gone very bad. Just a couple miles faster on the other drivers part or a couple inches over and it would have been a very different situation for me.
So, tomorrow I get to walk to Mass, which will be good for me anyway and I think I will offer the prayers I give to Our Lord while I walk for those who I came in contact with today that God may bless them as much as He has me. Thanks be to God!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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