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The offering of souls to the Mother of Mercy.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Hail Holy Queen Mother of Mercy..." (Image Source) Posted by Picasa
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I found a short excerpt from Marialis Cultus which I belive is good to reflect on as we today celebrate the Birth of Mary. I have also included a link to a hymn (Mary the Dawn) which appeared in today's Lauds for the feast.
I ask that you take some time today and offer to Jesus through Mary all those in your life and the souls of those who may not have anyone to pray for them. I especially ask that you bring in prayer those who may be living in very dark and evil ways through their own free choices and those who may have brought pain into your life that God may through Mary pour out the graces and mercy they need to turn to Him. As I stated in a earlier posting I ask that especially today as a gift to Our Lady that we bring souls in our prayers before the Throne of Mercy and Grace so that God may transform the lives of others.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"When the liturgy turns its gaze either to the primitive Church or to the Church of our own days it always finds Mary. In the primitive Church she is seen praying with the apostles; in our own day she is actively present, and the Church desires to live the mystery of Christ with her: "Grant that your Church which with Mary shared Christ's passion may be worthy to share also in his resurrection." She is also seen represented as a voice of praise in unison with which the Church wishes to give glory to God: "...with her [Mary] may we always praise you."
And since the liturgy is worship that requires a way of living consistent with it, it asks that devotion to the Blessed Virgin should become a concrete and deeply-felt love for the Church, as is wonderfully expressed in the prayer after Communion in the Mass of September 15: "...that as we recall the sufferings shared by the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may with the Church fulfill in ourselves what is lacking in the sufferings
of Christ."" + Taken from Mariais Cultus by H.H. Paul VI
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