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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I have been thinking quite a bit today about a good friend of mine who I miss so very much. He is one of the reasons that today I have a very real and personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a very devout and holy priest of Christ. Even though I do not get to speak with him anymore he inspires me and when I doubt my own vocation his example and faithfulness remove any doubt. It is difficult for me to think of him now without becoming a bit emotional. I wish that I could tell him what Our Lord is doing within my life and just how much I owe my faith to his example. He was a convert just like me and then became a priest and served faithfully for years. In fact he gave so much of himself to Christ and to the flocks entrusted to him that eventually he had a stroke and later developed alzheimer's. He now suffers quietly in the prison of his mind which has been ravaged by the disease referred to as the long goodbye. I think he is quietly carrying his cross up his own Calvary and is offering his life for Our Lord and His Bride. I know that someday I will receive the phone call which will inform me that he has given his final fiat of love and is resting in the arms of Our Merciful and Loving God in heaven. As far as I am concerned he is living now as a victim soul and will finally die a martyr for Christ and His Bride just as our beloved John Paul the Great did. I would bet that John Paul and all the saints in heaven will greet him and there will be a big party for the priest who rescued so many souls.
I hate to think of him suffering so much. I hate to think of the suffering his family is going through but I know that in his typical way he is offering his suffering for the sake of the Bride of Christ and those in his life. Selfishly I wish I could somehow let him know that the guy he offered Masses for and received into the Church is now formally discerning a vocation and just what Christ Our Lord has done in my life. Soon enough though Our Lord Jesus will receive His priest home and can tell him. If I ever need a reminder of what kind of man I have to be or what kind of servant of Christ I must be I have to only remember my friend and his priestly life and also the other priest who prayed with and for me John Paul the Great. Two priests of Christ who personify to me what it means to live fully for Christ- In Persona Christi.
Thanks be to God!!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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