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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I finished compline and the reality that the car crash this late afternoon I was in could have gone so very bad easily without God's protection, through Mary the Mother of Mercy, is starting to sink in to me. I think the reality is also starting to sink in that I now have to deal with insurance companies. I really hope and pray the other person does the right thing and so does the adjustors. For the other person's part I was impressed by their honor that the admitted to running the red light in front of the police- that took courage and should be praised. It is easy for me to get caught up in all the what if's. What if the adjustors are not so honorable, what if this and what if that. I think I can do myself in and loose focus on the Grace and Love that God showed me today if I allow myself to think about all the what if's. As St. Gianna Molla said we must leave the past to God's Mercy- the Future to Divine Providence and live today loving Him in His Grace (paraphrased). The simple fact is Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother protected me and the other driver today and for that I need to, in fact I must give Him the praise and honor that is due to a God who is so generous and loving to me, His most unworthy servant. That is the reality of the day for me.
Getting the car fixed, dealing with the insurance stuff is something for Monday and I will offer that to Divine Providence. Today I am so very grateful to Our Lord and Our Lady who watched out for me and spared their servant harm. I am also grateful to Our Lord and Our Lady for the people who stopped and spoke to the police and reported the facts and showed me a great deal of kindness.
Only a few inches and a couple miles per hour by the other driver which was ultimately controlled by God spared me and spared those who are in my life of a great deal of suffering. It is to God that I give all my love and gratitude for He showed me today just how much He loves me and others too in a very real way.
I may never know until I, through God's Grace, make it to heaven who the people were who showed me kindness but I know that I will be offering my prayers for them before the Throne of Grace and Mercy for a long time while I am here on this earth. I will especially be praying for a outpouring of Mercy and Grace on the other driver and the police who responded today. I ask that you after reading this say a quick prayer for the other driver, for the kind strangers, for the officers and all who were so good to me today. I also ask that you pray for those who will get into wrecks through the week that they may also, like I was, kept beneath the loving protective mantle of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Finally, and selfishly I know, please pray that all the insurance and mechanical things will be taken care of quickly without hassle so that I can with increased fervor carry out the plans Our Lord has for me.
Today God allowed me to see His Love for this poor secular Carmelite. I can only pray that somehow I can take the lesson He has given to me and the life He has given to me again and through His Grace spread His Love and Mercy to the world in what ever way He desires for the rest of my life. God also allowed me to visibly see in a very real way just how much I (how we all) are so totally dependent upon Him. The wreck today was a grace in so many ways I can only hope and pray that God can use this to further bring Glory to Him through me and through others. Like one of my special patrons and great Saint of Carmel and Doctor of the Church, St. Therese, said "Everything is a Grace...Everything is a direct effect of the Father's Love for us.."!
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!

Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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