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Taking advantage of Katrina victims and benefactors

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Spirit Daily ran the link to this CNN article which I have also linked here. I hate the idea that in the midst of the disaster of Katrina that people are taking advantage of benefactors in order to line their own pockets. CNN gives the resources to alert the authorities of such scams and I highly encourage you if you suspect fraudulent activity to contact your local law enforcement agency quickly. Give only to reputable well known well established charities such as the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, United Way or Catholic Relief Services or other similar groups. Watch those in your life who may be vulnerable to such scams and give them a hand in finding a reputable agency. I would even encourage you to ask your local Church to run a short blurb in the bulletin so that people know what agencies to give to and who locally to contact (local, state and federal law enforcement) if they receive solicitation from suspicious individuals or groups. You may know the proper agencies to donate to but your neighbor, fellow parishoner or a vulnerable family member may be taken advantage of so watch out for them also please.
I know that at a time when I was pretty sick and in and out of the hospital due to surgeries I was taken advantage of a long while ago so it can happen to anyone. Yes, please give to proper agencies and help the victims of this and other disasters but exercise your judgment and if necessary make a few phone calls to check them out with local law enforcement. Let us help the victims and especially pray for them but not create new victims by giving to people who may have evil intentions. In the context of this posting I especially ask that you pray for vulnerable people everywhere and victims of disasters and crime that Our Lord may come to their assistance and give them the comfort and grace they need. I also ask that you pray for those who take advantage of the good intentions of others that God will turn their hearts, minds and souls towards Him and that they may repent and reform their ways.
Omni Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!!
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