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Taking it to the street!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I had to correct in charity a fellow Catholic the other day in front of a non Catholic about Our Lady. The Catholic Christian made the statement that Catholics worship Mary- well that is false. Our Lady would never ever want us to worship or adore her. Venerate her- yes, honor her- yes but worship is ONLY due to GOD. There is a huge difference. I love Our Lady and I do all I can to honor her and ask for her intercession but I as any Catholic should never worship her. I would venture to say that if you spoke with the most devout priest, catechist or apologist they would tell you the same.

I have to in charity remember the source of the statement and gently correct the blunder. I think though that many non Catholics are hindered from wanting to discover more about the fullness of faith which resides in the Holy Catholic Church because of misunderstandings and poor catechisis. I also think that many of the dissenter in the Church do so not because they know the truth and reject it but rather they don't know the proper teachings and why the Church teaches that.
That moves into my idea (actually not mine but something God helped me to see). I have already received some support from some pretty big name folks and will slowly continue to contact others and then officially present it. What I purpose is pretty simple for the faithful and obedient laity to assist the local ordinary in effective witness/ catechist/ mentor in the most troubled parishes as he directs. The first phase is to gather the people and start them on a solid catechisis program. I recommend the Marian Catechist program that Archbishop Burke heads up. I figure if it is good for him, good for Pope John Paul II and for Blessed Mother Theresa then it is good enough for me. Form a core group of 30 plus "Master Catechists" and with some addition training and instruction then prepare to witness and teach properly. Then as the Catechists are ready then have a parish retreat with top level loyal lay, religious and priests at those parishes that are worst off (not the good faithful ones- which mine is) but the worst ones. Then immediately begin afterward with a program similar to a 5th week that St. Ignatius of Loyola has following the Spiritual exercises using the lay catechists to conduct the classes. This assists the local Ordinary and the various priests so that rather than reacting to the latest problem slowly the Truth is taught with love. I think also that doing this the other parishes get to see faithful ordinary lay Catholics who love the Bride of Christ. When they want weird new age spirituality offer additional classes in authentic mystism like St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Pio, St. Francis of Assisi and others. When they want to play games with the Liturgy of the Mass offer them classes in the GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum. When it is question of life issues then teach about Evangelium Viatae ect. Most of all regular catechisis taught by faithful men and women with the occasional booster shot of a good retreat or conference. Not a lot of lay faithful have the time or resources for advanced degrees but with the Marian Catechist program and some instruction by good solid apologists and those in Holy Orders and good direction we could have a core group that could bring souls to Christ. Why complain about the problem when we can really do something that brings God's Truth and Mercy into there lives. Why preach to the choir so to speak but rather go straight to those in peril and proclaim in Love -Christ Our Lord and His Truth. St. Paul and the Saints through the ages would not shy away from taking it to the street and even hostile areas why should we?
It would all have to be done with strict obedience to the Local Bishop and with his help. I think though if people hear and see the wonder and glory of the Church's Official Teachings being proclaimed by ordinary lay Catholics like them that lives will be transformed. If there are those who really have a hidden agenda then they will be discovered quickly and the Bishop can deal with that. I think this enables our Bishops and our Priests and Deacons to better proclaim Christ rather than just stomping out fires.

So, I need prayers and I need advise. I will be contacting a few faithful well respected people suggested to me by some others I highly respect. I think we need to take back along with our Priests and Bishops the lost to better enter this new era of evangelization.
Maybe a good apologist is just a good catechist with a larger audience- need to check that out.
I will write more on this subject later in the coming weeks and months as the meetings and emails progress.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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