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Thanks be to God!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Praised be Jesus Christ!!

I have many such very humbling experiences when I realize that someone I know personally reads my blog. Kind of good and scary at the same time. I am sure that other bloggers have experienced the same thing. As more seasoned readers may know I did not start out trying to blog for God's Mercy it just happened that way. It is so hard for me to put into words the love that Christ Our Lord has placed within my heart and how I feel sometimes like it will burst for love of Him. The Jesus Christ who I knew some what as a Methodist and then in my initial conversion to the Bride of Christ and then through the crucible of suffering after my accidents and numerous surgeries led me through all of that when most everyone (including many doctors) had just about given up. Our Lord led me to certain key people in my walk of faith with Him (friends, family, priests, nuns and so on). It seems that just before I need a certain grace, consolation or even special spiritual or temporal gift (steady employment, health, financial stability) He is one step ahead of me with His arms open wide saying "Come". I think most people view faith or religion as a nice thing or just a set of practices or rules but for me the reality of my very personal love for and relationship with Our Lord and His Bride is substantial and transforming. The question was asked of me why I would want to serve Christ and His Church by several trusted priests and my answer which almost brought tears to my eyes is simple I only desire to bring as many souls as possible before the Throne of Mercy and Grace and offer back to Our Lord the life which He gave to me. There are so many suffering people in this world and I believe as someone who has endured much suffering (physical and spiritual) that the worst suffering is that of the soul without knowledge of Christ's Mercy and Love. The psalmist had so correct in the words "what a marvelous love God has given me" with in my soul.
I don't recall the exact day and time of my conversion I think because it was a gradual process for me but looking back I know that the very hand of God was at work to draw me closer to Him. I know not what the future holds for my journey but I beg and pray that somehow I can help others to have the peace which I have found and that many may find God's Mercy and Love. I believe if I was sent out among the animals in the woods I would proclaim the Divine Mercy there alone and if as I can now through this blog reach others or a future calling in obedience I would proclaim God's Mercy and Love. I am so firmly resolute in the knowledge of how God's Mercy transforms my own life and soul that I only desire to bring everyone to Him who literally saved me and healed me. Two words sum up my conversion and that is Mercy and Love and those come only from Our Lord in the Sacraments, through others and especially though His Real and substantial Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist. I think that God's Grace especially though the Holy Eucharist has a singular effect on the soul and a cumulative effect also. Prayer becomes transforming contemplation through God's gift of Grace and Love swells up and overflows from the Sacred Heart into my own little heart and into the world.

I think we face a time of great trial that unfortunatly we have brought upon ourselves (myself included) through sin and evil and turning from God. Hope is not lost though and it never is if we (I) continually turn to Christ Jesus in prayer. I know that everytime I have come to Our Lord with a sincere heart miracles have occurred (interiorly and even exteriorly- ie: job, health ect.) I know if Our Lord can do that for me the worst of all He can do that with anyone. There is room enough for the whole of humankind within the Merciful Heart of Jesus we are all invited to come to the Banquet of Love but we have to turn in prayer to Him. I only wish for you who ever you are and all those in your life that you come before the Great Throne of Mercy and Grace and allow Our Lord to heal and transform you through the Sacraments and in prayer. This is a time we all need to Trust in Jesus and allow Him to lead us out of a collective darkness of the world and individual darkness and sin.

I think Our Lord calls to each of us and tells us "do not despair little one but turn to My (Christ's) Heart and Trust in My (Christ's) Mercy and Love." We (I) draw close and drink from the stream of living water and become anew.
I want to thank my friends, my family and the priests and religious who have helped me along the way and all of you too and ask that you continue to remember me (and those in my life) in your prayers that I may continue to be faithful and offer my life and my fiat to God for all my days. One particular friend who inspires me so much I give thanks to God for and I rejoice before God's Throne for her inspiration and prayers. Another person who is a holy devout priest continues to inspire me as he carries out his holy vocation for the Kingdom of God and I thank Our Lord for him and his conversion story and continual advise and prayers.

I end this posting not really knowing what I intended to first write about or how to title it but I think now that I reflect a bit that gratitude to the Mercy and Love of God for His work within me and so many is a apt description of my heart right now. So, Thanks be to God indeed for His Mercy and Love know no bounds!

Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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