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To whom to we serve????

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"You can not serve both God and mammon"
Lord Jesus I Trust in You grant that I may serve You better!
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Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

If we are not winning souls for Jesus Christ as His sons and daughters then who are we winning them for? If we are not proclaiming Christ's Love, Mercy and Truth then who or what are we proclaiming? I have the death counter on the middle section of this blog for one reason to remind myself and to remind each of you that our days are limited. I can hope and pray that tomorrow that I will be allowed the chance, the privilege, to be a better witness for Christ but that is not up to me. Today I have to proclaim God's Mercy and Truth. Today I have to reevaluate my walk with Christ and beg for His Mercy. Today I have to pray even more fervently than ever before. The signs posts of our defiance and the consequences are unfortunately all around us all.
My only voice to the world right now is this blog so with that voice I call upon you- you the person that is reading this right now- not your next door neighbor but you to turn your hearts and minds in a new way to God. No matter how well we may feel we are doing there is so much room for a better conversion. I do not ask anything that I am not willing to do myself. I have to enter into a examination of conscience this day as soon as I finish this posting.

I have to constantly fight my selfish pride and turn to God in prayer. Sometimes prayer is easy and flows forth with great ease and at other times I am tired and want to give in to the latest television show rather than enter into prayer. I have to fight the temptation to allow the struggles in my own life to preoccupy my time when I should be offering it up and looking to God for solutions. I know that if I have difficulty fighting daily preoccupations as much as I want and try to serve Christ and based on the conversations I have with other faithful then I am not the only one.

I am here to tell you though that this false new age ecco spirituality stuff is leading souls to hell. We as the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ either we be lay, religious or ordained have a sacred obligation by virtue of our baptism to proclaim Christ to the world. The light of Truth is a wonderful and glorious thing but once we have that light- once we live in that light we have a obligation to proclaim Christ. I like to make the example of if my house was dirty and it was pitch black then it would be hard to clean effectively and most people can relate to that and understand that. If the light comes on and I see a mess and know that it is a mess and refuse to clean so I can go back and play in the darkness then would I not be at fault? The answer is yes I would be. To live or at least say that we are Christian requires that we do certain things -in other words do all we can to clean up our own messes through God's Grace and Mercy and offer the rest to God. It also requires that we boldly shout from the rooftops if necessary the Salvific Mercy of Jesus Christ and His Truth which rests in it's fullness in the Catholic Church.

I could go on but I think the best thing to do is to ask you to do as I will do after I finish this posting and to re-examine your own walk and how you can better proclaim the Kingdom of God and to most importantly pray. If distractions come up then offer that up to God and ask Him to work through them and accept your humble offering. I do it all the time and you know He pours out graces untold especially in those times when I have to (as I call it) push through a simple vocal prayer. No one ever said it was easy but I can assure you He is worth every little effort. We give Our Lord our very best- sometimes all that is -is a little vocal prayer and sometimes it is more but we press on. Like the little offering of the loafs and fishes he will multiple our offering in our souls and those around us. If we are giving our best to Christ then that is great! If we need to work on a few areas then let us do so for Our Redeemer who deserves our very best.

So, if we are not winning souls for Christ then let us together pick up, re examine ourselves, reform, pray and begin anew. We don't need to give up but rather press on in prayer to bring others to Christ. We can stop after we cross the finish line. Be courageous for Our Lord and begin now!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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