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Friday, October 21, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I know within the depth of my soul of Love and Mercy of God and my soul sings of the praises of the God who saved me again and again. All I can do is proclaim Christ and the glory of His Bride the Holy Church. All I can do is sing of the Mother of Mercy who brought me back again and again to her Divine Son. What ever Our Merciful Father has planned brings me joy be it suffering or joys as long as I can rest in Him then all is well. Everything is a grace and everything is a gift from the God of Mercy and Truth. The cross that I have been given or will be given, the mantle I put on has been blessed by Our Lord especially for me. That cross and that mantle are my means of striving towards the Beatific Vision. If I suffer I suffer for Christ, if I live then I live for Christ, one day when I offer my life back to the Father I pray to do so for Christ. Regardless of what state in life or what vocation He calls me to I do so only to win souls for Christ- the Divine Mercy.
I believe firmly that we are called especially in these times to bear full witness to the Mercy and Truth of God. Each of us are called to be great saints for God. Each of us are called to recognize the full dignity of our humanness in Christ Jesus. I have heard it said by many including our beloved John Paul II that the saints are fully human. It is only when we fall into sin and the deceptions of the evil one that we are chained down and made slaves to sin. In essence, I think, we are less human and less dignified when chained down to sin and evil. To be fully alive is to be living in grace and striving towards holiness through the Mercy of God. Alone all I can do is fall, alone all any of us can do is fall. Through Christ Jesus we put to death the old self and become a new (more fully alive) person. We have only to take the step of Trusting in Jesus and letting Him through the Sacraments and in prayer transform us. It begins with the simple words "Jesus I Trust in You" from the heart in prayer. Regardless of what the days may hold and even what evils may come to the soul that places their trust in Our Lord Jesus, all is well.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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