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Christmas commercials

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
I could not believe my eyes I turned on the television this evening and there it was a Christmas commercial. I will not even mention what company had it because I do not wish to give any promotion to them. It is not that the company was bad or does bad things it is just the idea of this rapant materialism that has swept not only through a religious holiday but the entire culture in general. Every year the advertisements come on stronger and earlier appealing to the selfish desires and misguided love of the culture. The struggle to get the latest thing for ourselves or others drives up the debt and it is just a quick fix. The next time the cycle becomes more intense and less gratifying. The cycle goes on and on and on. The same is true with various sins especially that of the flesh. I think a microcosm of this cycle gone mad can be seen in the drug addict who starts out with a quick high and moves to the much more serious and dangerous ending in a overdose and death.

Earlier Christmas commercials are not the problem they are just a symptom of a much larger issue. It is the cycle of instant gratification which the evil one draws us all- myself included- into and it takes our focus off the much larger issues that affect the soul of the individual and the soul of the culture. I think, all of it is a symptom of classic 'me-ism' that runs rapid through out the world and even individual souls.

The only way that I can battle the will of self and put my focus on the needs of others and
the Holy Will of God is on my knees daily in prayer and through the Sacraments. I think we start to really see others and God when we set aside the 'me' and focus on the God who gives Life to us all. We can't conceive of absolute Truth or of eternal concequences because we can not think of the consequences of basic choices in daily life. Why should a person think about lasting Truth or eternal life or eternal agony when we can not look beyond the selfish desires of the day? Time for a wake up call people and may God have Mercy on us all with the wake up call that is around the corner for it is coming soon and swiftly. Repent people and pray for God's Mercy for the Day of Visitation is drawing very near!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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