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The Difference that One Soul can make.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I wrote a poem/ prayer a while back called "Just one more soul". I thought about that prayer while I finished my prayers and was laying in my bed to call it a night. If we look back on history and the difference that just one soul can make for God it is remarkable. I think about how St. Augustine would have not even been around to lead others through the centuries to Christ if St, Monica, his mother had not prayed for that one more soul. What about John Paul the Great and the impact he had and still has on the world and the Church through Christ acting in his soul. Then the opposite is true just think of the evil committed by one soul and millions suffered and were killed in the person of Hitler. The difference is Christ acting in that soul and that soul responding to Christ.
So, what I ask you to do each day is to pray to God that just one more soul is turned around that otherwise would have spent eternity in hell but rather found conversion. It may be a person in our lives or it may be someone we will never know. God answers prayers especially prayers for people to come and live in the light of His Love. We may never see the fruits of our prayers but God will answer those prayers with an abundance of Grace and Mercy. One soul at a time the world can be transformed through Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Prayer, Fasting and Penance for just one more soul is my request to you today. I especially ask that you make that one of your 3pm prayers during your Chaplet of Divine Mercy to make it especially effacious.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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