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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
To achieve holiness and union with Merciful Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to bring souls before Him, especially those in my life, is all that I seek. To achieve this though I know I must accept the cross that Christ Himself has blessed and given to me. I have said it before in relation to Our Lord but I now know I must say it personally- there can be no Glorious Easter without Calvary. I only beg Our Lord that He grant me the grace to endure for Him and to lead souls to Him. You don't have to enjoy a cross to accept it, I think. I can't imagine Our Lord saying during the passion that He enjoyed it but He accepted it for the sake of all of us. I can only pray that God will grant me enough Grace and Light to sustain me on this journey. Enough points of rest to press forward towards the Beatific vision. I may not know the path ahead but as long as it leads to Christ Jesus, I trust in Him and say yes.
So, I pray this day:
Yes oh Lord I accept this cross. Please us it to bring about conversion in others. Use me as you will Merciful Lord so that I may be your instrument of Mercy and Grace. Please keep me steadfast to Your Mercy and Truth. Grant me the rest and graces I need to serve You better. Help me to bring a multitude of witnesses before Your Throne of Mercy and Grace through the transforming power of Your Love. Unite my heart, my mind, my will, my body and my soul with Your Sacred Heart which burns with Love for all peoples. Yes Lord I accept this cross for it is Your Cross and it leads me further to You. Jesus I trust in You. My Jesus I love You. Through the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother into Your Merciful Sacred Heart lead me on. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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