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John Wayne, Justice and Mercy!

Saturday, October 22, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Ok so I admit it I enjoy reading the minor prophets and the big guns too. Call me a sentimental kind of guy but I like the notion that at some point God says enough of the idolatry and harlotry and gives the heathens a taste of what life would be like without His Mercy. Maybe it is the John Wayne in me that comes out. I know that God is Merciful and Loving and that fact can not nor should it be diminished ever. Are we so sure of ourselves that we think that God will just allow His Love and Mercy to be made a mockery of and that in Divine Wisdom He will not do something to wake people up before more souls are lost? Are we so sure that the Merciful Father would not want to do something or allow something in order for souls who have rejected the Truth and Mercy of God to be saved from themselves? Would not there have to be some equal measure of Divine Justice to balance Divine Mercy? These are just my thoughts and should not be taken as official anything. But I think that we are seeing very dark times due to our own choices and more souls are slipping into eternal fire than the home that we should be going to with Our Merciful and Loving Lord. Why would we ask for mercy at all if there was not a possibility of justice. If I could go out and do some criminal act and not expect some form of justice as a result of my actions and choices then what would be the need of throwing myself on the mercy of the court. Do you see where I am going with this? I think when society, a nation or even the world continues to rebel and do some very evil things at some point the Father who is Merciful knows that the only way for us to change and avoid eternal death is to allow us to see first hand the results of our sins. I guess it is like the parent who has to deal out a bit of tuff love for the long term happiness of the rebellious child. Neither enjoy the tuff part of tuff love but through that experience better fruits and long term happiness can result. God does not I think want to see any of his children suffer long term (eternal fire) or in the short term. I think Our Lord wept in the garden and in a way still does seeing his precious souls choose damnation eternally rather than the banquet prepared for us.
I like those old John Wayne movies because the duke could dispense both mercy and justice and make it look fun along the way. Mercy has been shown to us again and again and again more than any of us can imagine. We have been shown Mercy in our daily lives, as nations, in the world as a whole and most especially on the Cross of Jesus Christ. Why would Our Lord undergo such cruel torture if we all got to hold hands, sing kumbaya and go to heaven anyway? Why would the martyrs through the ages suffer cruel deaths if it did not matter if they sinned or not or committed heresy or not? The world has been given such a wonderful gift in the Year of the Eucharist and through the message of Divine Mercy. I feel though that some tuff love is about to take place throughout the world as a result of our continuing to make a mockery of the Mercy of God and continue to live in darkness. Very soon I feel we are about to see the effects of our sins. Very soon we will be in the stark darkness that we all have chosen. The lines are being drawn and thanks be to God we know the final outcome already. My question is are we ready as individual souls to fight the good fight and persevere. God's Mercy and Truth shall not be mocked! No matter how we paint the sin it is still a sin and rotten to the core. If there ever was a time for us all to repent and beg for God's Mercy it is now. I cry out with all my voice for the world to see and read and hear today is the acceptable time of salvation- today is the Day of the Lord.
Lord God hear my voice and wake up these foolish people before more souls are lost to the evil one. Lord God show us all Your Mercy and wake us all up! May the Holy Name of the Lord be praised and may souls find the Divine Mercy rather than the Divine Justice we all so deserve. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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