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Oh Happy Day!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Since today is a Saturday I would imagine that most Catholic Churches have confession today. If you need
to find a Church near you then click here. To make an examination of conscience then click here. I would suggest that you say a prayer first and ask God to open your mind and heart to things that you may need to confess. If you have not gone in a long time at the end of the examination is the proper formula used. I would highly encourage you to make your confession and do your penance today if there is anyway you can. Unchain your soul and find the God of Mercy, Love and Truth who is waiting for you with open arms. It does not matter how long it has been or how bad you think your sins and faults are. God's Mercy knows no bounds. You can begin anew today- a whole new start if you take that brave step and seek God's Mercy and confess your sins. You will find new strength and manifold graces waiting for you through the Mercy of God. Be brave and take the step towards becoming the great saint you are called to be. Be gracious to yourself and to your soul today and make your confession and experiance God's Mercy first hand.
I belive the Plenary Indulgence for the Year of the Eucharist for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is still in effect since the Year ends at the end of October so Confession, Mass and Adoration would really do your soul -and mine- a great deal of good.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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