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The Politically Correct Pilate

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Many have said it for a while as I have tried though not very eloquently that the days of severe persecution for the Church are just around the corner. My own thoughts are, which I believe I have mentioned before, are that the vehicle for the persecution will be relavatism and politically correctness gone wild. When I meditate on Our Lord's Passion and particularly the actions by Pilate it comes to me that it was that same error that he made with Our Lord. Pilate chose to go along with the crowd and feared his own safety rather than to take a stand. I have to remember the same when I desire human respect over proclaiming the Truth of Christ. Yes, we have to speak and act always with charity and show the dignity of every person regardless of who they are. When we create situations that we fail to stand for what is right and true and for God's Law then we are acting like Pilate.
I feel that very soon, at the most a couple years, that we will see priests, religious and laity being taken to prison for even mentioning that certain things are sin. It will spread to bloggers, to regular families and to local parishes. I assure you the day will come that parishes will be afraid of speaking the Truth with Love in fear of loosing tax status or jail. Yes, we must do all we can to stop hate crimes- that I agree with fully. Anyone who would harm another or teach that violence is condoned is wrong. I think though the evil one plays on good honest Christian compassion in order to further his own agenda. So, we allow evil in order to not potentially offend anyone with the Truth. There is a big difference, I feel, between witnessing to the Truth in Charity and condoning or committing hate of any kind. Our Lord Jesus Christ constantly confounded the people in speaking Truth with Love and I think it made so many upset. Truth with Love cuts to the core of the soul and that either inflames the soul- if the person conforms to God or if they reject it they cast their selves into further darkness. Committing any act of violence or promoting it is a horrible evil. Telling someone what is a sin or evil when done in love for the soul is not.
I think, many Christians will one day realize the great deception that is taking place but I fear it will be to late. It is not the person that offends me but the sin that offends Our Lord. We choose, I feel, our own heaven or hell by our actions for or against the Truth. If we do not do all we can to stem the tide of evil and just try to be politically correct then are we not allowing souls by our sin of omission to fall into the pit of hell? Woe unto any of us that have been given the Light of Truth and Mercy and leads anyone astray by our sins of commission or omission!
These alas are just my words and do not really count for anything but the words of God and His Law and His Holy Church does. I know that the reality of the fight of Christ's Church against evil is becoming everyday more and more evident to me. We all, I feel, have the sacred responsibility to bring souls to God regardless of our state in life. I think we have a great duty to respond to the Grace, Mercy and Truth which we have been given for the sake of souls. We are all called to bear witness for Christ in easy times and in very dark times. Do we abandon Christ when things are difficult or not politically correct or do we kneel with Him in the garden as we prepare for the Way of the Cross that we all must face? I can only pray that I can always choose Christ rather than the deceptions of the evil one and more boldly proclaim God's Truth and Mercy regardless of the cost. I know that I must be a better witness and respond better to the grace Our Lord has given to me. I pray for the light and grace to better respond to Our Crucified and Risen Savior Jesus Christ and His Bride.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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