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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I feel I need to point out from the posting about John Wayne, Justice and Mercy that I was not praying for calamity to strike but rather that people through
God's Infinite Mercy would wake up and turn to Christ Jesus. I have a vested interest in the future and I would really like to be here on this earth and for others to enjoy the future. I also know that there are some definite sign posts that are pointing the way for so many to, as I call it, a great train wreck. The sign posts are not just in events in the larger world but within individual souls. Take two people any two both who have suffered in various ways and both who have had joys in various ways. Look at the interior peace and love and joy within the soul of the person that spends time in prayer and places their trust in Christ Jesus. Then look at the bitterness, rage and inner and exterior violence in the life of the person who trusts in their self or in a false god such as money, pride, lust, vainglory and the like. The evil one at best only offers a quick fix and a eternity of torment. The God of Love and Truth through Our Lord Jesus Christ gives us peace not only today but in all eternity.
Yes, the signs are their but we should not fall into the trap of the evil one to be anxious or worried about what will happen for if our souls rest in Christ Our Lord all is well. I think what we have to do is to be aware of the signs and the times and pray even more for God's Mercy and Grace to flow into our souls and those who are furthest from Him. Maybe we need a wake up call but that is up to God in Divine Providence to work out. Today we can pray. Today we can offer up days of fasting and penance and extra prayers so when that wake up call does come that more souls may find Our Lord's Mercy. The call should ring forth from every Christian for conversion, repentance and prayer to the world and to the individual self. One extra Rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy by you and by me for those who are furthest from God could make all the difference for a soul somewhere known but to God. We offer up prayers and fasting not just for ourselves, those in our lives but for the whole world. Effective conversion for the world alas begins with you and I daily. Our wake up call begins today God will decide when it begins for others. Thanks be to God things are in His plans and not mine or yours! Conversion begins at home with you and I today in prayer. Let us go forth in prayer and fasting to win souls for Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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