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Friday, October 07, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. I learned to pray the Rosary before I was thinking about even entering the Catholic Church from a Navy Catholic Chaplain/ Priest and a fellow Marine and friend. I did not understand the Rosary then and I must admit it seemed like a bunch of long repeated prayers that went on and on. Later as I began to understand the true nature of the contemplative side of the Rosary and that it always pointed to Our Lord Jesus that I fell in love with it. I know that the evil one hates the Holy Rosary not just from the words from devout souls and even the Saints of the Church but from my own personal experiences. It seems at times that numerous obstacles come up right before I want to pray. The more I need to spend time in prayer the greater the obstacles and distractions. That is when I have to pray for assistance to press on. I say press on because not always do I enter into prayer and receive graces and light or am even able to contemplate the mysteries. Sometimes all I can muster up is the vocal prayer and offer to Our Lord through Mary the struggles of prayer. I think, we give to God the best that we can at the moment even when our minds want to get caught up in worry or distraction and God blesses those prayers more than we know. I was lamenting with a devout priest a while back that I struggled through prayer and even fell asleep during prayers. I remember he told me that when we offer our prayers to God and tell Him that we only wish we could have done better but we tried that God loves that kind of praise. The priest told me that the Holy Angels who are pure spirit do not have those times when they are tired and can not pray as they should. So, God enjoys hearing from His creatures in essence "Lord I love You and I did the best that I could to praise You please accept my weak prayers as my sacrifice of praise. Please help me to serve You better another day- for Your Greater Glory". I think that Our Merciful Father really likes that and blesses us with what we think is a little offering (the best we can do at the moment).
I remember kneeling before Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist and at times at home and the image of the evil one being chained down by thousands of little rosaries. We look at the Rosary and we see a little chain or even a string with beads on it and think how can this possibly chain down satan but through it's use it does. Just having a Rosary sitting around the home or in your purse or pocket while nice is not actually using the weapon that Our Lady has given us. I guess it would be like the military having a great tank but rather than using it during battle they let it sit and collect dust. God through Our Lady has given us a great weapon to assist us and others if we just use it. Even if we struggle through and can only make the vocal prayers due to distractions or dryness if we give the best that we can at that moment the God blesses us and is honored. The fruits of prayer, for me and others too, are not always immediate but in God's time.
I think about a story I was told about a person stranded in a flood. The waters started to rise and his neighbors called and said come with us and escape and the man said God will provide so go on. As the waters rose he went to the second floor and a boat with rescuers came by and tried to get him to go- he said God will provide and so go on. The waters became so high he crawled on top of the roof and a rescue helicopter came by and he sent them away saying God will provide. More boats still came by and the same thing happened. Finally the waters overtook him and he drowned and died. When we went before God he said God I trusted in you and still I died: why did you not provide for me and save me. God told the man, I sent a neighbor, I sent boats, I sent a helicopter but you did not use them. God has given through Our Lady a great and powerful weapon against evil but we have to use it faithfully.
On this Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary let us dust off the rosaries and use them. If you don't have one then keep track of the prayers with your fingers and toes or pebbles and stones until you obtain one. God will provide and He will save but we need to use the gift He has given to us. It may seem hard to imagine that God would work in such a simple devotion but He does. We look for great signs and special graces but we sometimes fail to see the gift before our eyes if we only avail ourselves of it. The seemly little things can be the greatest instruments of grace. A little plastic or even a expensive, but yet seemingly weak, Rosary can bind the evil one through God's Grace. The key is not the outward appearance but the inward manifestation of God's Grace working through the prayers and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Hail Holy Queen Mother of Mercy....Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

"Mary, the Mother of Our Lord, accompanied by choirs of Angels, will come to meet you. What a day of joy that will be for you !"
- Saint Jerome (340 - 420)
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