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Those misguided tv 'preachers'

Sunday, October 09, 2005
I took an intentional break from blogging so I could spend more time in prayer.I just got back from Sunday Mass and since it was a nice cool fall day I walked.
I went to confession this morning and when I got home I thought I would watch a bit of television. The was one of those television evangelists on who was telling 'his flock' that if they were not successful and rich then they were not praying enough and being a good Christian. I laughed and actually I feel sorry for those who fall into that trap. There is no Resurrection without a passion. We do have hard times and times of great suffering even when we are being very faithful. We will be tempted, we will struggle and we will have pain. I wonder what happens to a persons faith when they have been successful all their life and then tragedy strikes? So they stop believing?
Suffering is there it is part of the world as a result of the first fall. I know though that when we offer up our suffering and our hard times to Our Lord Jesus Christ that our souls are transformed. I know that I would much rather endure a bit of suffering now than when real hard times come that I loose my faith and my soul. I have no idea what kind of Christianity that 'preacher' was talking about but it is not one rooted in the Gospel or in Jesus Christ. Faith is not something one has so that they feel good and make money. We are called to worship the True and Living God not make a business transaction with Him. May God have Mercy on us all and lead us through the difficult times in life to Our Lord Jesus Christ!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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