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Thursday nights in the Garden

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

Thursday nights are a special time for me. I find great solace in spending some extra time in prayer especially before Our Lord Jesus particularly from 11pm until around 3am on Friday. The reason is pretty simple for it was around that time that Our Lord suffered in the garden. It was one of my Carmelite Sisters who suggested that I spend a special time in prayer with Our Lord in the garden. I still have the little booklet she gave me of the prayers used by St. Gemma whom I have come to have great devotion to. I think I can in a very inadequate way contemplate Our Lord in the garden easier than just about any of the other mysteries since I have been at times in my own garden. My own garden might have been due to my own actions or those of others but it was a reality. It is not too easy to talk about looking back on it but I do so because of the great love and grace which Christ Jesus has given to me. I think we all have times in the garden of sorrow however through Christ we are transformed and draw courage to face the struggles ahead. Without Christ things become pointless and without hope. With the Divine Mercy we can face any garden times and any crosses of our own and we have hope. Our Lord Jesus shows us that beyond the dark times, individually and collectively, beyond the Passion there is a Glorious Easter awaiting all of us if we trust in Him and persevere in faith.
I was given the great grace a while back while in prayer of actually 'feeling' (for lack of a better word) that I was there kneeling next to the King of Kings in his agony. The only thing I could think of doing to try to give comfort to Our Savior was to sing to Him. So, I sang the Christmas hymn Veni Veni Emmanuel. Not to make anyone wonder it was not a vision just Our Lord gave my contemplation a bit of a boost that evening.
We have a God who loves us so very much that He weeps for His children who choose the lies of the evil one rather than to choose the joys awaiting us in the Father's House. God desires all people to come home. We instead sometimes choose the father of lies and the empty promises he gives over God's Mercy, Love and Truth. The evil one knows the torment that awaits him and he is going to pull as many precious souls out of the Merciful Love of God that he can. Whether it be occult practices or television shows that degrade the dignity of every human or out right evil like war, genocide, abortion, terrorism or sins of the flesh. Satan is a master of lies and just like a snake he slithers into our lives with great ease. But enough about that guy - for he doesn't deserve to be on the same posting as Our Lord and I only mention the evil one because very few people face the reality of evil and hell.
Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Divine Mercy Incarnate eagerly waits for us to turn to Him so that He can open the floodgates of Mercy and Grace in our souls. Yes, we will have times of our own in the garden. Yes, we will have crosses- some very heavy- to carry. Yes, we will suffer. The eternal joy which awaits if we persevere is well worth it all. We will have crosses, suffering and pain with the evil one but there is no hope of any eternal happiness where he leads us. We have the Saints through the ages to show us the way and pray for us. We have legions of Holy Angels to comfort us and pray for us. Most of all we have the very pinnacle of Christianity in Our Blessed Mother who leads us to Her Merciful Son and who's prayers can send the evil one slithering way in terror. All we have to do is trust in Our Lord Jesus, repent, pray and pick up those crosses and carry on.
We may have to spend sometime in the garden of tears now but it is much easier with hope to know that God will wipe away all the tears. A bit longer in the garden today is so much better than an eternity in torment and tears later. So, on this Thursday or when ever you read this posting spend some time with Jesus Christ the Divine Mercy and offer to Him your times in the garden. May all of our Good Fridays become glorious Easter Sundays through Christ Jesus.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

Christ, as the man who suffers really and in a terrible way in the Garden of Olives and on Calvary, addresses Himself to the Father- that Father whose love He has preached to people, to whose mercy He has borne witness through all of His activity. But He is not spared - not even He-the terrible suffering of death on the cross: For our sake God made him to be sin who knew no sin," St. Paul will write, summing up in a few words the whole depth of the cross and at the same time the divine dimension of the reality of the Redemption. Indeed this Redemption is the ultimate and definitive revelation of the holiness of God, who is the absolute fullness of perfection: fullness of justice and of love, since justice is based on love, flows from it and tends towards it. In the passion and death of Christ-in the fact that the Father did not spare His own Son, but "for our sake made him sin" - absolute justice is expressed, for Christ undergoes the passion and cross because of the sins of humanity. This constitutes even a "superabundance" of justice, for the sins of man are "compensated for" by the sacrifice of the Man-God. Nevertheless, this justice, which is properly justice "to God's measure," springs completely from love: from the love of the Father and of the Son, and completely bears fruit in love. Precisely for this reason the divine justice revealed in the cross of Christ is "to God's measure," because it springs from love and is accomplished in love, producing fruits of salvation. The divine dimension of redemption is put into effect not only by bringing justice to bear upon sin, but also by restoring to love that creative power in man thanks also which he once more has access to the fullness of life and holiness that come from God. In this way, redemption involves the revelation of mercy in its fullness. + Excerpt from Dives in Misericordia
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