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Too little too late

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I know that I shouldn't be but I feel a little sorry for myself. I was really looking forward to the big Eucharistic Congress this weekend. Unfortunately by the time I had the money to purchase a ticket and register now they are gone. I have never been to a Eucharistic Congress before and this sounded like a lot of fun. Oh well, I think what I will do instead is to make some extra Holy Hours this weekend and assist at a few extra Masses and be united in spirit that way and I can pray for those that get to go. To be honest I wish there was a place that I could go on a two day silent hermitage retreat or even drive out to one of the monasteries close but I don't know where and how much I can afford. Our Lord will provide something He wants me to do either here or away. Kind of need to recharge the soul a bit. If you all would say a prayer that God will show me and provide me a way to do something like I mentioned I would greatly appreciate it. Where is a good Trappist or Carmelite when you need one?
Now it is getting late, very late, and I have a early day in the am. I think it will be a long drive to work with all the rain we are having.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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