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What is a Catholic to do???

Monday, October 24, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I can not explain why I am being led to ask each of you to do this but I am asking anyway and placing my trust in Christ to guide you. I am asking each of you to begin the Divine Mercy Novena today with me. Yes, I know that the Novena is usually prayed beginning on Good Friday until Divine Mercy Sunday. I am asking you to click on the link provided and print the Novena and begin today. I can not think of one group of people on each of the days of the Novena that would not need God's Mercy right now. If we are, as I think we are, facing some very perilous times in the near future then we need to beg God in a special way for His Mercy. If you look at each of the groups of people on the days of the Novena we need to bring them before Our Lord in a special way beginning today. So, I ask that families pray the novena together, that individuals and prayer groups start praying it today. Encourage those you know to pray the Novena and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. If you don't read this for a couple days then begin then. I also ask you to pray again especially at the Great Hour of Mercy (3pm) in what ever time zone or continent you are in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or even a short prayer for the Divine Mercy. If you already pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy then pray a extra one before bed. If you find your self watching the World Series take a moment and offer your prayers for everyone else that is also watching it that God's Mercy and Grace may flow in a special way into the hearts. Offer a extra Holy Hour for the souls who are lost in darkness and need our prayers the most. Attend a extra Mass and before you receive Our Lord ask Him to give to a soul in peril the Grace and Mercy of that Mass. We are called to extraordinary prayer in extraordinary times. We are called to bring souls before the Throne of Mercy and Grace in our prayers today. What is a Catholic to do?? What is a Christian to do?? What is a human being given life by the Father of Love, Mercy and Truth to do?? We are called to pray for souls and offer up little sacrifices of prayer and penance for the sake of our fellow brothers and sisters. We each have this mission today. Do we bring forth souls to God's Mercy to do we toss up our hands and lament about the dark times we are about to face? I choose Christ Our Lord and I choose to bring Him souls today in prayer. Please join me in this mission of Mercy today.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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