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The desert joy!

Monday, November 14, 2005
Praised Be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

I walked into the restaurant but could not eat my fill,
I watched the popular shows but quickly lost interest,
I read thousands of books but never gained any knowledge,
I attended hundreds of parties but never found joy,
I bought many things but it was never enough.

Then on that day!
Then on that wonderful day,
I ventured into the desert,
The Sun beat down,
My lips were parched,
My hunger was great,
My soul began to fly.

For on that day,
For on that day,
The desert became my home,
The heat became my friend,
Only one companion did I have in the desert,
He taught me what books could not give,
He gave me peace that things could not contain,
He satisfied my thirst from the blood and water from His Heart.
I need no other place but my little desert home.
I need no other food than the break of angels which has been given to me,
only in the desert,
only in silence,
only in prayer,
only in Carmel,
only in Christ.

For the living stones are not forged in luxury
For living stones not not pressed into shape in the world
Living stones are created in the heat and dryness of the desert
In the Furnace of the Divine.
Carmel brings me to the desert,
Christ keeps me there.
We bring the damp clay to the desert
The Master forms it and molds it and fires it
To become the Living Stone in the image of the Master Artist
That He will use to make the City of God as His dwelling.

I dwell in the desert with Christ,
in the Carmel of my heart.
In the desert is my joy
For in the desert I find my hope
Silence is but the fence that I must enter through to find the desert
of the Carmel within my heart.

Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

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