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Distractions and the herd falling off the cliff....

Monday, November 28, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I am starting to think that one of the greatest weapons that the evil one has to pull our souls away from God's Truth and Mercy is constant incessant distractions. We live in a time when the attention span of most adults is that of a infant. As long as we can flip the channel, speed through the internet or be bombarded with constant unimportant chatter we don't have to see and we can hold off on preparing our souls for eternity. I have only to look at how quickly attention went from Katrina, Rita, the earthquake in Pakistan, the tsunami, the ever changing tragedy of all the wars throughout the world to see we are a people of very short attention spans- until suffering comes home to each of us. We must focus and focus very fast on eternal Truth. To do so requires something most of us do not like to hear -penance and mortification of the senses and will- it requires repentance. To do so requires turning off the computers, the televisions and the cell phones for a length of time and spending serious time in prayer and good quality spiritual reading. The latest self improvement books or the latest novel is not the type of reading I refer to but rather the Sacred Scripture, the writings of cannonized Doctors and Fathers and Saints of the Church and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We need to go back to the magisterial teaching of the Church and spend time in the wonder of the encyclicals and teachings of those who have the authority and wisdom to properly teach us. I am afraid though that until a greater number of souls wake up in prayer and reject the ways of the world and all the pomps and distractions of it we will see increasingly greater destruction and greater suffering throughout the world. Until each souls begins to understand the magnitude and effects of the collective sins of humankind, privately and publicly, events will speed along. First one animal runs along the cliff and falls then the rest of the herd until finally a very brave and wise animal stops following the crowd- steps aside and avoids the great plunge into the abyss. We must step aside and look. We must turn off the distraction and spend time in serious prayer and prepare our souls before we too run headlong in the dust of distractions into the abyss. The cliff for each of us approaches quickly -too quickly- do we follow the herd or do we stop and make new choices in prayer for God's eternal Truth and Mercy. Do we choose Christ today or a certain death tomorrow? How you choose right now is vital. If you don't believe me then begin keeping track of how much time you spend before the television, the internet, on the telephone, caught up in all the things that years from now will not matter in the least. Then keep track of what you read and how much time you spend in prayer. Turn off the computers and the television and the phones for a day and spend it as you can in prayer and you will quickly see the vanity of distraction and how the evil one uses it to pull us all down. Yes, we are all going to have wake up calls very soon they key is to wake up prior to the call and get ready so that we do not face a very chilling awakening later.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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