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Holy Souls Day in here time to dig out that family tree and save some souls from purgatory

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Throughout the Church year we can offer Masses for the dead that there time in purgatory is shortened. The best time to do it is on the Feast of All Souls which is today.
You can have your entire family genealogy line entered going back centuries. Then Masses will be offered for them perpetually. I would also attend a extra Holy Mass and ask that the grace from that Mass be given to the souls who needed the most in purgatory so that she can get on up to heaven. Someone near a cemetery could right down the names and enter them to have Masses said for them. I would what would happen in my case if I offer a Mass for my familyline going back 5 centuries when on of the prostestants that are waiting down there suddenly was told- hey your ggggggggrand nephew offered a mass for you- I though you were protestant. I bet having been there a few centuries he or she would welcome the opportunity to go home to Our Lord finally. Rescued by a descendent of yours (through God's Grace and Mercy) that would be neat I think. So go to Mass- a couple times today if you can and then pull out the old family Bible or genealogy record and start typinging the names through the ages. Don't forget the living members too so they will start to recieve the graces from the Masses also. Also, my challenge to you is to pray 4 chaplets of Divine Mercy (morn/ noon/ afternoon/ night) and 12 St Gertrude prayers for the souls in purgartory. God's Grace and Mercy will do great things for them and talking about having some dedicated prayer warriors on your side when the enter into heaven -wow.
If you want to really see the power of the Masses then offer them for some people you know who have fallen away from the Church or are really living in some darkness and see God work within them. I have seen it done it is neat. Takes a while and you have to still pray but things can happen a ooops there goes anouther conversion and a new potential saint.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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