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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I have thought about this and have prayed about this and now I make this request of you. After you read this posting say a prayer and ask Our Merciful God to open your eyes to the men and women and children of faith and light around you in your daily life over the next week. That will be my prayer for you also tonight also. Then when you at work or school or just out in public when you see someone who say wears a cross, or reads Sacred Scripture or even has a pro life or a faith based bumper sticker on their car then take just a second and thank them personally for living in public for Christ. Then tell them that their witness even it seems small makes a difference and ask for their prayers and tell them you will also pray for them- and follow through. It could be something else that spurs your mind- the Holy Spirit will let you see something or someone if you are open to His prompting. The reason I ask each of you to do this is to help build up the faith of others and your own faith in the Crucified and Risen Jesus Christ. It is easy to do at Church what is difficult in today's society is to live it in a bold way. Yes, it may just be a simple item on their desk or a bumper sticker or a cross or scapular or medal that peeks out but it in it's own way is a witness for Christ in a world that has rejected in large part Jesus Christ and His Truth and Mercy. Yes, we have to encourage those we attend Church with or are in a prayer group with. Yes, we have to encourage friends and family and of course our clergy but we also must build up the person that is trying even if it seems a small way in the market, the workplace, the schools, the universities and the everywhere else. That simple gesture on your part and your prayers might be the thing that encourages a future saint towards a deeper conversion and relationship with Our Lord. Many times it is the unexpected words of encouragement from a stranger that leads a soul towards more bold faith. They may hear it from someone in their Church or family but to hear it from a stranger catches them off guard and it will make them want to pray and live even more so as a witness of God's Merciful Love and Truth. This week and next and each week you can make a difference to someone yet unknown to you and help them live more fully the beatitudes. I ask only that you pray to be open and that you will respond when the Holy Spirit shows you that person. More than likely it will happen when you least expect it somewhere but I know it will and then you can help encourage your fellow brother or sister in Christ. Only God knows the impact your words and prayers and their reaction and prayers will effect on countless souls- not just yours and theirs. You can make a difference even though it seems like a very small gesture on your part. It might be that person later telling a friend "hey you know what was said to me" that impacts their friend towards Christ or a family member. We have to leave that up to the Holy Spirit to work but if you do this and pray for that person whether you realize it ever or not you will make a difference. Who knows you might find a new friend you never thought of. Just pray to be open to the time then be a 'little Christ' to a stranger.
May Our Lord bless you and Our Lady keep you beneath her protective mantle of love and grace always.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
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