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Judged on Love

Monday, November 21, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
I am in the process of trying to learn and grasp the particular charism of Carmel. I read today that St John of the Cross wrote that in the final judgment (particular and general) we will be judged on love. I think if one looks at each of the laws of God when you get down to it -they involve love or the lack of response to it. I think the 10 commandments really get a bad wrap- especially these days and that is so sad. The Law of God sets up a framework- a scaffolding as I have heard them described for true and authentic love which comes directly from the Heart of God for us. God who is love did not set up a arbitrary list of 'do nots' just to give burden to His children that He loves. Our Merciful God who knows as any good father does that certain things will hurt His children. He knows that certain things destroy the soul and the body and the mind. Look at any of the commandments from the aspect of an Eternally Wise and Loving Father who loves us and then look at the ramifications of each of those 'do nots'. A little child has to have certain rules for their own protection. An example would be to not let a child play with a stove or an electric socket. Adults know what can happen when a child does those things and rules are set up not out of spite but for the love of the child. Why would a God who loves us so much and has eternal wisdom be any different. Take each of the commandments and follow them mentally to what happens when broken. The obvious would be killing and how that just not only ends the life of the victim but destroys those in that person's life. The sins of the flesh are no different with the scourge of std's and the lives lost due to choices gone astray and that does not even take into account the families and children destroyed. The list goes on and the ramifications can be seen throughout the world.
The full revelation of God's Law of love is found in Our Lord Jesus Christ his earthly life, his words, his passion, his death and his resurrection. We love God first and we love our neighbor be they on the otherside of the globe or next door with that same kind of love. We feed the poor, we admonish the sinner, we help the sick, we feed the soul and the body. We give to others our full love (temporal and spiritual gifts) and our lives for the love of God. We all have to let Christ reign in our hearts and then be little Christ's to the world. The Law of God lays down clearly what love demands so that we may not only be free but so also others may be free also. Free from poverty both physically and spiritually. Free from enslavement- physically and spiritually. Free to live- physically and spiritually. When we live outside of God's Law then we are outside of true love. Love is not selfish. Love wants the body and the soul of all people to be free and live. To not tell a person that their choices are leading to destruction of their soul is just as wrong as to not feed the poor. What come to my mind which are relevant 'be holy as your heavenly Father is holy' - we become more like our heavenly Father when we are merciful in action and word not only carrying out deeds of Mercy and Truth but not shying away from proclaiming God's Law, His Truth and His Merciful Love.
This posting took a couple days to write as I have been busy. Hopefully, I am back in the blogging saddle again.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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