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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

I pass on this particular link not just to my fellow Carmelites but for everyone who tries to practice mental prayer. The link goes to a sermon given by John Cardinal Henry Newman on a wonderful site. Who ever was the person who put Newman's works on the web for all I thank you. It is so difficult to find good solid resources without spending a small fortune or nagging one's librarian to death. There are times when mental prayer was at best a struggle for me. To be honest there have been times when simple vocal prayer was a struggle. God is Merciful! The seeds of fruit filled prayer- in fact I think- the seeds of the manifestation of great graces later are born out in the deposit of the struggles of prayer today. One has to walk to the light switch to turn on the power which turns on the light which enables one to see to read. Thanks be to God we have proven solid paths towards holiness in the models of the saints and in the various secular and third orders. I know my call to Carmel was from God since it the perfect fit for me. Someone else may best grow in holiness from the Franciscan's, Benedictine's, Opus Dei, the Trappists or the Passionist's ect. I think the key is to follow the proven paths that helps you. I am not even going to mention- expect in passing- that if it a weird new age path that is not grounded on solid teaching then stay away- in fact run fast. The social sciences have a place but they do not get one to see God. Certainly self help gurus which bleed people dry selling their latest books and tapes does not help you find the Holy Face of the True and Living God.
This posting started out being about mental prayer and I got off the path a bit on a rant. Steady progress up the Holy Mountain involves steps, thousands of them, consider each time you pray especially when you have to put forth a bit of effort to do it a little fiat of love to God. God blesses those daily humble little fiats over time with great fruits. We pray I think not to obtain fruits or grace or things and we do not pray to conform God to our will. Rather we pray, I think, to conform our feeble human wills to the Holy Will of God. We don't say my will be done but rather "Thine Will be done" prayer opens us up to God's Will. I have gone through great dry periods in prayer. I have gone through times of desolation and times when it almost seemed painful to pray. I would imagine that really honest writers go through similar times- just different circumstances and many times for less laudable reasons. The key though is persistence and regularity.
So, hopefully this posting and providing this link helped you. Take sometime to get to know the Father of Mercy in prayer you will not be disappointed I promise you that.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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