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The sins of false historians.........

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
Personally I am very offended by the 'historian' (should not even call him that) David Irving. I am glad he is being called on the carpet for his false teaching about the very real Shoah. Over 6 million men, woman and children I think would find his lies a painful affront to their martyrdom. The souls of the victims of the Shoah cry out to nuts like him for a reality check. The families of those who lost their lives to evil cry out for justice and the truth of evil to be proclaimed. Denial of this evil I feel is one of the devices of the father of all lies to lead people from the reality of the evils of today- abortion, euthanasia ect. After all if we can deny the evil that took place in the Shoah it is the next logical step to deny the existence of evil or the devil himself. Guess what my friends it exists. Now we have millions being 'legally killed' in this nation and throughout the world. Like in the beginning of the Holocaust for the large part the world is silent besides a few and most deny the evil of killing children or the elderly or those deemed unworthy by society. I ask all who read this to pray for God's Mercy for this man who calls himself a 'historian'. I also beg the Father of all Mercy to console and bless the families who lost loved ones during the Shoah. May Our Merciful God be merciful to you Mr. Irving and open your heart, mind and soul to reality while you are in the prison you chose for yourself. May the souls of all of the departed through the tender mercy of God rest in peace.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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