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What came as a whisper began to issue forth (part two)

Monday, October 31, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

(Continued from an earlier posting)

Prepare your children dear daughters
But do not grow in fear
For the Mercy which fell as a warm spring rain
Now pours from Heaven even in the heavy thundering rain.
The same Spirit which blew as a warm welcoming breeze
Now will come mightily to all to feel.

Tell your children dear daughters that all may hear
The choices they have made - have caused
The warm spring turn to a cruel winter nigh.
Prepare dear daughters your children for this night
May the winter storm find them all
Safely in the warmth of His Heart.

For their debauchery and deadly choices
Your children dear daughters will face
The results of their actions in these perilous days.
The wind rises up,
So does the earth and seas in revolt
As the reaction to their actions and choices despite of being forewarned....

(to be continued)
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