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"What came as a whisper began to issue forth" (part three)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

(Continued from a previous posting)

Prepare your children dear daughters for soon they will see
The storms that are coming will also come into the hearts of men.

For the evils they have chosen soon their hearts will tell

The violence gave to the innocent the world will surely be felt.

Their choices and debauchery the world will now feel
The weight of the mountain that falls upon thee.

The wind which blows picks up in speed

The storm that comes shall bring Mercy.

For knees will be bent and hearts will melt
When your children dear daughters will see what choices they have been dealt.

This wind which comes can be prevented
But only with hearts, wills and choices that are bended.

Mercy pours forth so that all may see

So that their souls dear daughters may turn to Thee.

Listen not to their cries dear daughters the cries from the deserts and the cry that you hear soon

Shall be the cries of your children coming in every room.

Please turn your children's voices to one of prayer

Tell them dear daughters so that we all may be spared.

A cold cruel wind issues from the north

A wind brought about by choices and disobedience

To the Law of God -the Almighty.

Do they choose Mercy in freedom

Or do they beg for it in violence of the storm.

The time has come dear daughters to issue forth your cry

May your children dear daughters choose wisely
before this cruel cold wind begins to howl from the north.

........... (to be continued)
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