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"What came as a whisper began to issue forth" (part four)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!

(continued from an ealier posting)

Oh yes, dear daughters your children may laugh,
"Mother there is no such thing you are worrying yourself"
But mark these words dear daughters for the quiet ones have issued their cry,
Unless new choices are made and hearts rent now,
The darkness and violence within their hearts will begin to further manifest it's hideous self.

Be Merciful to your children dear daughters and sound the alarm,
Wake your sleepy children before their choices cause them further harm,
Listen to the ticking and see the time draw nigh,
For the hour spent choosing Love and Truth in prayer,
Takes the sting out of the cold cruel wind that now begins to blow so very near.

Guard your children's hearts and ears dear daughters,
For there can be no peace without Truth,
No Mercy without Justice,
No Light unless they enkindle the flames of God's Love within their hearts and minds,
Tell them dear daughters that there is a final Law,
Compromise not from it as the line in the sands of time will become so very clear.

May their eyes open dear daughters to the peril that soon will befall,
May they see the battle raging for their souls,
Before to the enemies of Light their souls shall feel the sword,
And they shall soon fall.
Greater sorrows dear daughters your children do face,
Than can be dreamed of on this cold cruel day.
For as terrible this cruel storm may be
It does not compare to the greater pains which will await thee.

It is not the Will of God that any of your children should this day face-
The eternity without Him because of the choices they have made.
Please wake up your children dear daughters for this cold day draws near,
Fall on your knees dear daughters with your children today,
God's Mercy will save them on that cold cruel day,
May the Light of Truth dear daughters shine upon their hearts,
May they find refuge safe within the warmth of His Heart,
For soon each of you dearest daughter will painfully hear,
Rachael's weeping coming from every room in every land.

Choices dear daughters are a wonderful and yet dreadful thing,
For your children's choices have led them from the warm spring day- now to this cold cruel night.
Ignore these words dearest daughters and soon you will see
How this cold wind that issues forth
Will come home to painfully to thee.
(to be continued)

Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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