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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
This is just a short post, more of a disclaimer than anything. So that there are not any misconceptions or misunderstandings the poem that I have been working on in previous posts "What came as a whisper..." Is NOT any prophetic words. It is NOT from any inner locution or anything else. It is actually not even good poetry. It is the way I am starting to see things concerning the choices people continue to make to do evil rather than good and what the results of that is. It is basically rambling banter. Yes I hope to warn people that if they continue to choose evil ways there are very serious consequences that we all will face. I hope to awaken sleeping souls to the reality of where choices to fall into serious sin leads the society. I hope to warn people so that they too may turn as I did to God's Mercy. I know first hand of the infinite Mercy of God because God was so generously merciful to me. I was one of those sleeping souls making choices for darkness rather than light. I do not want anyone- and I mean anyone- to endure hardship and suffering like I went through primary because of my own choices. Yes, after my conversion and healing God did give me the great gift of contemplation. It is a gift which bears a certain cross also- more on that on a later posting. Yes a modicum of light at various times has been granted to me but I always have to exercise a great deal of prudence and discernment to make sure it comes from God, a over active imagination or the evil one who can imitate a angel of light. True light and knowledge which comes from God- as I understand- always withstands the weight of discernment as to if it falls within Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. I have been led on my share of intellectual wild goose chases and know that I always must discern. So with that said I hope to clear up any misunderstandings if there were any- no one has mentioned anything- those that know me know that I was stumbling around with a feeble poem not a direct message.
On a different note, I do ask and beg for your prayers concerning some big things that are coming up for me soon. A public format is not proper to discuss matters of discernment. Just please remember this unworthy blogger in your prayers and say a Hail Mary for all those who may happen across this blog. As a postcript there are people I belive who do recieve very real locutions and their sites are linked here and here and also in just about every +JMJPT+ at the head of each posting. Those locutions I feel should be taken seriously but still with prayerful discernment.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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