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A dose of Christmas reality.........

Friday, December 23, 2005
Praised be Jesus Christ!! Now and Forever!!
As I write this within a few minutes it will be Christmas Eve here in North America and in many places it is already Christmas. I will post a joyful posting as we celebrate the birth of Our Redeemer and King tomorrow. Tonight I will go a bit against the grain and against the culture to bring some important realities home to you all.
While we go about our Christmas celebrations we need to remember that there will be no celebrations - no presents - no first Christmases for millions of children who last year were killed in the wombs of their mothers. They will not experience Christmas this year even in an adopted family that could have given them that first Christmas and many more that should have come. There will be no Christmas either for the vulnerable adults who's life was taken by others this year. There will be no Christmas for the men, women and children killed by terrorists and by wars throughout the globe.
There will also be many of you who will feel the painful sting of Christmas without a loved one for countless terrible reasons. Many of you throughout the year have told me so and I have offered many prayers and requested many prayer to be offered for you. Many on this Christmas will have no home and will suffer hunger. Many suffer persecution for their faith.
There is hope. There is always hope in Christ.
My prayers especially this Christmas eve and throughout Christmas day will be for those who suffer. My prayers this Christmas will be especially that we will all find God's Truth and Mercy and put an end to senseless violence against the most vulnerable in our societies. My prayer will be especially for those who now face brutality at the hands of others and for the conversion of those who inflict the violence. My prayers will be especially with those who have lost so much that God may open up the floodgates of Grace, Mercy and Love for them and help them find hope in Christ. What I ask each of you and your families is to remember in your prayers, with me this Christmas, those who will not have Christmas this year and their families.
We joyfully await this Christmas let us prayerfully enter into this Holy Season and remember those who can not and those hurting on this day of joy. There will be time to celebrate but right now let us all remember those who can not find it difficult to celebrate. Hopefully a bit of this kind of Christmas reality combined with our prayerful celebrations will help others enjoy their own Christmas reality and joy also.
May the real and lasting joy of CHRIST-mas come upon us all.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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